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Oxalic Acid

oxcalic acid

Very widespread use of oxalic acid (dihydrate), white odorless powder form with an acid.Content of carbon, a hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Formula C2H2O4 type. Another name is ethanoic acid.Oxalic acid has a concentration of 99% like me.Oxalic acid technical (specific) characteristics are given in the following table.

Oxalic Acid Used?

Oxalic acid areas are briefly as follows: In the textile industry, wood industry, the varroa struggle in the beekeeping industry, in medicine, chemical industry, metal industry, rust removers and sterilization is used in so many sectors in the kitchen industry.

In the textile industry, metal separation acidic oxalic used in the pharmaceutical industry. It is also used in papermaking as a bleaching agent in the woodworking industry.

Oxalic Acid lime lime rust remover, can also be used instead of mineral acids in various cleaning chemicals such as toilet bowl cleaner.

Varroa and leaf veins ending in beekeeping (Acarapis were wooden) are used to combat the kind of vapor solution of oxalic acid is lethal to this parasite.

Oxalic Acid Features

Oxalic Acid (HCOOH)
Chemical Name Oxalic Acid
Chemical Formula H2C2O4
Molecular Weight 126,07 g/mol
Color / Form white / solid
Density 1,65 g/cm³
Freezing Point 101° C
Boiling Point 149 °C
CAS Number 6153-56-6
UN Code 3261


25 kg bags.


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